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The Clean Plumber was started in the year 2000 with one thing in mind; we wanted to give Sydney households the very best experience in customer service. That is still our #1 priority to this day! Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


(Baulkham Hills)

"The person I spoke to on the phone understood exactly what I wanted and how urgent it was. I recommend The Clean Plumber to everyone and will use you again!"

David C.


"I was extremely happy with your work and how you cleaned up. At a dinner party the same night, I told everyone how good The Clean Plumber was."

Patricia L.


"I appreciate the professional service, attention to detail, care with cleaning up and your follow up call. Your plumbers are very courteous and efficient."

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8 Reasons To Use The Clean Plumber...
  • We give you a reliable 24 hour service in Sydney.
  • We arrive on time or you don't pay for your plumbing.
  • We treat you with respect by introducing ourselves.
  • We wear our special protective CleanBoots in your home.
  • We explain how we fixed the plumbing problem.
  • We work as fast as we can to fix your plumbing, with honest upfront pricing!
  • We clean up after ourselves, leaving your home clean.
  • We leave you feeling confident that you made the right choice in plumbers, so you will want to use us next time.

Take Advantage Of Our Free Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Free CCTV Camera Inspection Of Your Entire Drain System

This will show you exactly how clean your drains are after we have cleared them out and will also identify any broken pipes that could cause you problems later. ($300 Value)

Bonus #2: Free Inspection Of All Your Home Plumbing

To give you peace of mind that your plumbing won't break down at the worst possible time. We will check your entire home for potential problems for Free. ($300 Value)

Services We Provide:

Fixing Your Blocked Drains

So they don’t overflow with sewage, causing horrible smells and diseases.

Fixing Your Hot Water Systems

So you never have to wake up to a cold shower.

Fixing Your Dripping & Leaking Taps

Fixing that annoying "drip" sound that is keeping you up at night.

Fixing Your Toilet Cisterns

Helping your toilet flush properly, with clean flushes so there’s no little "nasties" left behind.

Fixing Your Burst Water Pipes

Don’t risk being flooded. Call us immediately for emergency service. We are the true, full-service 24 hour plumbers 365 days a year.

Can You Imagine...

Calling a plumber and being answered by friendly, qualified plumbers that understand your problems and are ready assist you immediately.

Having a true 24 hour plumbing service 365 days a year... even on Christmas morning!

Knowing that your plumber will arrive exactly on time, or your plumbing is free! (even 1 minute late).

Enjoying the comfort of knowing that your plumber will leave your house cleaner than when he arrived!

You can always count on the plumbers that appreciate you, your home and your plumbing the way you do!

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We have your plumber ready to assist you.

1300 730 214


The Clean Plumber - Our Story

You see, at first we too were just like all the other plumbers...
We showed up late, dressed like slobs, had B.O. and left your house like a pig sty… Well one day I got sick of being like all the other plumbers and I decided that for us to have an edge on the other plumbing companies, we would need to do things differently and focus on what our customers really want. We desperately needed to reinvent ourselves. I gathered my team of staff and we sat down for days brainstorming and contacting our existing clients to find out what people hate most about plumbers. As you can imagine there was no shortage of feedback. It came in from left, right and centre. Have a look below. I bet you can relate to some of these.

  • Nobody Likes tradespeople who show up late.
  • People hate having their house left in a mess after the tradespeople leave.
    Muddy boot prints, dirty sinks, cigarette butts and piles of rubbish everywhere.
  • Not knowing what you are going to be charged and then being slugged with
    extra bills at the end.
  • Not explaining to you what they are actually doing and not treating you
    or your property with respect.
This was just some of the feedback that we had received. From this feedback
the concept of “The Clean Plumber” was born.

Here’s our promise to you as a Clean Plumber customer:

  • We promise to turn up on time, or your plumbing is FREE. No matter how big the job is, no conditions, even if we are 1 minute late, your plumbing is FREE.
  • We give you an upfront fixed price to complete the job, so you pay no more than you expect.
  • Your house will be left spotlessly without a trace of us ever being there, sparkling clean and smelling fresh.
  • You will be treated with utmost respect by our plumbers who will introduce themselves by name, are polite, well dressed and do not smoke on your premises.

Providing a service like this isn't easy, it has been especially difficult to select all the right plumbers as not everyone is "Clean Plumber Material" but by hand-selecting every employee, we are proud to be known as the most elite plumbing team in the city.

Call Us Now!

We have your plumber ready to assist you.

1300 730 214

What Our Customers Say About Us

Louise P.
“Your superior service was coupled with two wonderful Plumbers. A big thank you. You are number one.”
David S.
“We want to compliment you on your quality service, phone manner and the work you did. We won’t hesitate to use you again.”
Stuart E.
“You’re always on time, helpful and friendly – all the things you claim to be. And you keep me fully informed at all times.”
Barry D.
“We’ve lived here for 8 years and used various plumbers. You are the only one where we’ve been happy with both service and work.”
Lorraine C.
“I’m very happy with the work you did. We’ll call you again when we have our next emergency.”
Mrs. Grace
“You were very good. That’s why I kept your number. Other plumbers tramp mud all through the house. Your men didn’t.”
The Clean Plumber was started in the year 2000 with one thing in mind; we wanted to give Sydney households the very best experience in customer service. That is still our #1 priority to this day! Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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